Real Ghost Pictures

Please note, all of these photos are real ghost pictures, taken by myself.  There would be no point in 'fake' ghost photos for me.  These are real ghost pictures snapped while ghost hunting, or found when I look back at my pictures. You can also click to enlarge photos.  Enjoy!

In this picture, you will see a man in the window.  Look very closely. If you look really close on the porch there are also two gentlemen, there is a lot going on in this photo if you look really close.
This picture was taken in a graveyard.  You clearly see the beam light, which there wasn't anything that would have had a reflection of the camera.  

This photo was taken in the same graveyard as the one above.  This time, I had no fliash - you will notice to the right side there is a orange/yellowish blob of something.   No fingers were in the way, and nothing was there.
This picture, was taken in the same graveyard as the two before, and I have circled the part that is noticable.  It looks like a hat, eyes, and an ear - coming out of the ground.  Look closely.
These three pictures have orbs in them.  I know some don't believe these are spirits, but I believe it's something.
This picture was taken at a Graveyard at around 8:45 at night.  As you can see - there are headstones but you can see in the red circle shadowy figures that are NOT headstones.  Two figures that were transparent.
This picture was taken at the same Graveyard as the previous picture - only it was a blurred shot.  As you can tell.  In the upper right side of the photo you see a wiggle-ish figure.  There were no light posts, nothing there to reflect that image.  It's just a sqiggly line that was captured on film.  Very odd.
There is nothing in this photo except for the fact that this picture was taken at the same graveyard as the two previously and there was NO fog or mist at all.  All of the sudden - mist and fog appear in this photo.  Very strange.
In this picture, you will see where I circled what appeared to a be shadow between gravestones.  It's kind of transparent - nothing in between them to the eye sight.
This was one of the first photos I posted.  My daughter-in-law pointed out that in the upper right corner - there appears to be a figure (which I circled) in the window.    I did not catch this the first time around.
In this picture you will see in the white circle what appears to be two transparent figures in mist.
This picture was taken recently and is filled with yet more orbs, that are a mystery to me.  No dust or humind weather in sight.
This is another picture taken the same time as above, only a few seconds later.  You will see a white blur/mist form in the upper right corner.  There was nothing there to blur or to even make a white appearance.  Very strange stuff.

In this picture, you will see a tiny red shiny thing on the gate. This gate in this graveyard is black and rusty, nothing that was reflect lighting off of this image. Very strange and weird. Wondering if something was trying to form?

This picture was taken just outside of the graveyard, but you will see a very big bright orange/red orb. Now, I'm not sure what to think of orbs, but it's very interesting.
 This is another very strange ghost picture, I'm almost sure that something was trying to form, but you will see a line in the right side of the picture. Nothing was there to create such an image.