Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Signs

Some how I just cannot help myself, I will continue to post videos that I find and think may be helpful. Especially with the our world in utter chaos. The time is drawing near, do not waste time, do not take loved ones for granted. Pray, He is coming, and no one knows exactly when, only our Father in Heaven. Be ready. I beg of you, get your house in order, make yourself right, and most of all Believe. Pray.  (Thank you to The Elders of God; You Tube.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Please Register to Vote

Just a note of reminder, if you are not registered to vote, please register to vote.  Regardless of your party, please register and please VOTE!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mispelled Names

I apologize for the inconvenience of the misspelled Name, His name is Zak. Thank you for calling me on it! Good to know that some one is reading. Again I apologize, I was writing late at night after work. The name is very important.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ghost Hunting Equipment

I just got through watching "Ghost Adventures" with Zak Bagans. It was one of the newer shows and the equipment that Josh's crew uses is so awesome!  Sure they use digital recorders and cameras and camcorders with night vision and with heat sensors.  And all of those are the basics.  The new equipment that the guys were using; the voice box that runs on radio frequencies so that the entity can use and choose the words. They come out really clear, I want to try the voice box very badly.

On the Ghost Hunter's aka Tap's with Grant and Jason, they have new equipment that they have been using.  The heat sensor camcorders that the Ghost Hunter's have been using for a long time on their show are the best I have ever seen anyone use.  They are very clear.  Sure they use all the basics too, but they have a new spectral light  that they turn on and you can actually see where the entity, spirit moves through the spectrum of lights. They also use a more high tech EMF detector that lights up when ever a spirit is near it so that they can actually carry on conversations with the spirit. By far Grant and Jason and their crew are my favorite of all the paranormal shows on because, they actually go and investigate homes and help people who have problems with hauntings.  It is not just for the hunt. Although "Ghost Adventures" is coming in at a close second.

On both of these shows every thing is basically hooked up to a computer system to record every thing as much as possible.  I actually feel like they are breaking records with the evidence that is recorded through out the shows.  I myself am a small town ghost hunter and have been at it for quite a while now.  I am also a big fan of both shows and watch as much as possible.  I have to give all the guys on both shows a big high five and shout out because they are very inspiring to me and it makes me glad to be a part of the investigative field that is currently becoming a huge step towards being a scientific field. I am sure I am not as experienced as either of these two groups but maybe one day.